O Ziolach I O Mocy Ich, "About Herbs and Their Power", first published 1537

O Ziolach I O Mocy Ich, “About Herbs and Their Power”, first published 1537

Polish pharmacist Stefan Falimirz’s publishes a book of medical treatments entitled, O Ziolach I O Mocy Ich meaning “About herbs and their power”.  Included in the pages was the earliest reference to the word vodka showing 70 “wodka” based elixirs or medicines.

48 years later, grain distilling would be mentioned in the Netherlands in a book entitled, A Guide To Distilling by Casper Jansz giving reference to “Korenbrandewijn” (grain brandy) describing;

“…in aroma and taste is almost the same as brandy-wine [and is] not only named brandywine but also drunk and paid for as brandywine”.

It is also counter claimed by the Polish Vodka Association that the first reference to vodka was written in the judicial notes of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship province of central Poland, however any reference to this is yet to be uncovered.