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Drinking Cup is a not-for-profit website designed to help share information and inspiration on the industry and subject of drink.



To supply free to access information on the past and present world of drinks, anecdotally and accurately chronicled within one site. Sharing articles from the earliest discovered alcoholic beverages through the wars, revolutions, people and events that shape the drinks culture of today.



Written and edited by UK based barman, Ben Leggett. An active brand consultant, ambassador, trainer and all-round self confessed drinks geek.

Born to the lush vineyards of Marlborough in New Zealand, Ben has been working out of the UK for over a decade representing some of the worlds biggest drinks companies in both Ambassadorial and Brand Development roles and has been fortunate to travel extensively in support of his work.

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The site which began as a means to retain accurate information and references on the history of drink has evolved into an open, free-to-access archive on the story of drink.

While all articles are deeply researched and referenced alongside an extensive catalog of both historic and modern imagery, all usage is inline with international copyright laws with all sources endorsed when possible.


And Finally…

Drinking Cup is an open forum. Please don’t hesitate to challenge our writings and share your own opinions and learning’s on the subject, after all the best drinks should always be shared.

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