Introducing a refreshingly new product to the premium spirit catagoury.

Officially labeled a Spiced Malt, the spirit consists of a five-times distilled single malt infused with Indian vanilla pods, organic raisins and Columbian coffee beans before bottled at a full 42% ABV (84 Proof) with blue wax.

Albion Racing Club Spiced Malt

Produced in small batch copper pot stills at the independently owned English Spirit Distillery in Cambridgeshire, the result is a highly smooth and well rounded spirit with a hint of sweetness despite no additional sugar.

Reminiscent of a vintage car club, the brand released into the UK market in March this year in true fashion with a classic race from their Cambridgeshire distillery to the French Alps via Burgundy.

Racing in everything from a Vintage Land Rover to a Tiger Moth bi-plane, luge and skis, the A.R.C. team have promised to host the event twice a year (summer and winter) in support of their Spiced Malt and the great British spirit of adventure [see video below].

The brain child of industry professionals Nick Pye, Ben White and Justin Wright, A.R.C Spiced Malt and can be initially purchased in 70cl bottles for £39.99 (US$67.00) at Gerry’s, Fortnum & Mason.

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