Jagertee Liqueur

…So it’s like Jagermeister right? Wrong. Jagertee is a traditional winter spirit of central Europe (Austria, Germany, Czech Rep. etc) consisting of macerating overproof rum with seeds, spices, nuts, black tea, orange, red wine and often plum brandy (Slivovitz).

Thanks to the creative monkeys at the Worship Street Whistling Shop in London, Jagertee Liqueur has made an entrance into Britain with the help of Master of Malt and a touch of the colonial East Indies. Simply defined as an “Indian-tea-and-rum-based-concoction”, the naturally sweetened Jagertee Liqueur is bottled at a bold 36.4% ABV and finished with a light influence of sherry thanks to a final maceration of Spanish oak staves.

Taking its name from jager (‘hunter’) and tee (‘tea’), the beverages also holds an EU Protected Designation of Origin classification specific to Austria. As such, products found outside Austria commonly carry names like Hüttentee (‘hut tea’), Förstertee (‘forester tea’), Wilderertee (‘poacher’s tea’) or just Grog.

For lovers of  mulled wine / cider, glögg, gluvin and toddy, Jagertee delivers a bit of each of them. On the nose it’s all about the rich spiced rum with hints if the mixed nuts (walnut and poppy seeds) and black tea. Once you dive in it’s all about smooth, sweet, tannic, spiced plums enhanced by a strong white rum with a little…what is that? Chilli? Despite holding sugar levels common with most liqueurs it has a clean dry finish with a winter spice and toasted poppy-seed aftertaste which, if drunk hot, seems to last forever. Christmas in a bottle!